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 Pilates is a great workout for men and women of all ages who are looking to improve their body strength, flexibility and overall health. So whether you are facing physical impairments, expecting a new baby, or looking to lose unwanted weight, the art of Pilates paired with the training of Holly Julier will help make a positive change in the health of your body.

Class Pricing

Private Session

Pilates Equipment

  • Access to one Club

  • Group Trainer

  • Sauna Access

  • Acess 24/7
$90per class Sign Up!

Series 10

Package of 10 classes

  • Free Group Classes

  • All Day Access

  • Group Trainer

  • Free fitness orientation
$750bundle Sign Up!

Series 5

Package of 5 classes

  • Includes access to all clubs

  • Span and Sauna Acess

  • Personal Trainer

  • Acess 24/7
$400month Sign Up!



Group Class Pricing

Please contact Holly for pricing information on all group or special request classes.



Clients must have Pilates Equipment in their home.


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Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions or for more information: (805) 479-1331



Class Descriptions


Experience Pilates in a calming and relaxed environment where you will receive a personal session tailored to your individual needs and limitations. Working in a fully equip Pilates Studio using tools like the Wunda Chair and the Ladder Barrel, you will build and sculpt lean muscles and improve flexibility while also focusing on core strengthening exercises. Learning to use your breath to center your mind and body and become more in tuned with yourself is an important part of Pilates and transforming into a better version of you.



Group Pilates with Holly is designed to deliver a challenging and intense work out for  your entire body. By incorporating breathing techniques, various stretches, and core conditioning your body’s alignment and balance will improve. This class will allow you to build long, lean muscles within target areas in the body as well as improve flexibility, encourage better posture, and create a true body/mind connection.


Mat Pilates focuses on the fundamental Pilates movement techniques. It is a blend of strength and flexibility training that will improve posture, reduces stress, and form lean muscles without bulking up. Using various methods of controlled exercises you will focus on strengthening your abdominal muscles as well as forming a mind and body connection. You can expect to feel more centered and gain better control over your breathing and flexibility.


Barre is a popular low resistance cardio work out that combines the art of Pilates, light weight training, and challenging ballet moves. Flexibility, posture and breathing technique are all important elements taught in order to properly tone and transform your body into the best it can be.



All specialty classes are offered at The Landing Studio in Holly’s private Pilates Studio. These classes are private, one-on-one sessions where Holly will work with your special needs and help build your strength.


The movement in Pilates is constant & flowing. This helps to control stress management and provides a calming effect to re-balance your hormones. Using proper breathing will increase your lung capacity creating more room for your baby within your body and providing an ideal environment. Pilates exercises are greatly suited for preparing women for labor and a speedy recovery postpartum. It places special emphasis on restoring the spine’s natural curves on improving stability and mobility in the lumbopelvic and shoulder girdle

Prenatal Pilates on the reformer increases postural awareness while strengthen the periphery. During pregnancy the body changes daily. As the baby grows, its added weight can pull the lumbopelvic region into an exaggerated curve, affecting the center of gravity and balance. The stress on the surrounding joints muscles increases also. Each exercise session on the reformer redefines what ideal alignment feels like& will effectively strengthen & support the body through each phase of the pregnancy.

The prenatal Pilate’s program educates the expectant mom on how to move dynamically through the shoulders upper back for a smooth transition from the prenatal to post natal demands placed on the body for carrying, breastfeeding holding their babies.


With a family history of Osteoporosis, Holly understands the importance of spinal health and makes a sincere effort to help individuals facing a variety physical limitations. Holly can effectively help clients with Scoliosis, Osteoporosis & improve posture. Using various strength training exercises and fluid movements you will see your overall health and bodily motions improve.